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Logo Contest!!! - PROJECT BARCA - Going ‘West’ to find the ‘East’.

Contest Objective: To design a graphic and/or wordmark that captures the complex set of ideas embedded in the phrase - Going ‘West’ to find the ‘East’!

Participants in this contest are strongly advised to attend the InfoShop on October 15th 2011 at the School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU Woodward’s (see details on Project Barca’s website).

Project Barca Logo Contest Guidelines
Contest Timelines

Saturday, October 15, 2011: Submission Site Opens at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

Saturday, November 19, 2011: Site Closes at 11:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Saturday, November 26, 2011: Project Barca Jury members decide on top 3 finalists

Submit comments on Project Barca’s blog site in support of one of the top three designs

Monday, December 5, 2011: Winner announced on Project Barca website

Submission Rules

Submissions should be made no later than 11:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Friday, November 19, 2011.

The logo should be recognizable whether it’s small or large, black and white or in colour, both in positive and negative form.

Keep it simple. Maximum of two colours can be used (not including black). The logo will be used in conjunction with the Project Barca website colours, the SSHRC Funding logo, and the SFU logo and wordmark.

It is absolutely necessary to design a graphic and/or wordmark that captures the complex set of ideas embedded in the phrase - Going ‘West’ to find the ‘East’!

Up to three submissions per participant will be accepted.

Participants must be 18 and older and have a valid SFU Computing ID.

The logo must be original work of the submitter and must not contain copyrighted or trademarked material.

The creator grants exclusive rights for the design to Project Barca.

Submissions will be judged by the Project Barca Design Committee.

Project Barca blog users will be invited to vote for their favorite design from the top 3 finalists chosen by the Logo Design Committee.

The logo adjudged by the committee to encompass the concepts embedded in Project Barca will win the contest and will be announced on or before December 5th, 2011.

If no winner is selected, the competition is considered void and no prize will be awarded.

Submission Format

Submissions must have a transparent background.

Please submit your logo as a JPG, PNG, or GIF image with a minimum resolution of 640 x 640 px at 72 dpi.

Include both colour and black & white version.

Avoid the use of gradients (including elements such as drop shadows) unless created inside a vector program.

Include a short design concept description and list PANTONE and RGB colours used, as well as fonts.

Include your full name and email address in your design description.

Copyright Assignment

Upon submission of an entry, Project Barca acquires ownership of the logo by assignment of copyright, and the submitting designer disclaims any trademarks and without limitation all other rights related to the design.

By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the logo and is its rightful owner.

The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.

The prize of a $300 for the winning designer covers ownership rights. All other designs submitted shall remain the intellectual property of Project Barca.

Due credit will be given to top three logo-finalists on the Project Barca website.

The prize for the winning Project Barca logo will be a $300.

Return of Designs

Participants are advised to retain personal records of their designs, as the designs submitted will not be returned to them.

Project Barca will not confirm receipt of any entry.

No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost, delayed, or damaged.

Any submissions which do not satisfy the above rules will be ignored without any warning.

Validity of the Rules
By participating in the competition, the participants unreservedly accept these rules.

Where Will the Logo Be Used?
The logo may be used on the web site, online videos, in presentations, on printed documentation and on merchandise for Project Barca.

How to Submit an Entry
Please click here, login with your SFU ID and submit your logo.