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A live performance and audio/video installation, nómadas takes it inspiration from the current large-scale movements of bodies across international spaces as a type of chaotic transnational choreography that speaks to what cultural theorist Stuart Hall calls a "contemporary travelling, voyaging and return as fate, as destiny […] as the prototype of the modern or postmodern New World nomad, continually moving between centre and periphery” (Hall in Rutherford, J. 234:1990).

The Audio/Video Installation runs from 6.00-7.30pm on performance days. The Live Performance starts at 8.00pm on these same days:

Location: Goldcorp Centre for the Arts 4210 Theatre Space.

Wed. Nov 22 - Sat. Nov 25.

Wed. Nov 29 - Sat. Dec 2, 2017













dancer: seana williams. photo: emily bayrock. montage: adriana contreras