Short Term Projects: 2011-2014

The Report, based on Franz Kafka’s "Ein Bericht für eine Akademie" (1917), utilizes both the original German text as well as Marc Diamond’s English adaptation “A Report To The Academy”. Kafka’s report is about an ape that is captured by a hunting party somewhere in Africa and brought to Europe. Daniel’s choreography builds on Kafka’s mischievous commentary on the state of knowledge; the contentious relationship that exists between the dance academy and the academic research community.  Read More //


Tango is based on a series of images of people, art objects, monuments, and historic buildings located in the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The work was premiered on November 25-27th 2010 at the Goldcorps Centre for the Arts (Studio T), Simon Fraser University, with Choreography & Photography by Henry Daniel, Music by Astor Piazzolla, and Media Design by Majid Baghieri.  Read More //


144 [See more...] is choreographed by Henry Daniel with music by Owen Underhill and additional music by John Cage. The title 144 refers to the sum of the first twelve steps in the Fibonacci Series. Underhill’s music, which comprises the first half of the work, makes reference to the set pieces and cosmic/ metaphysical organization principles of the dance as well as referencing instruments in the music of John Cage. The second half features John Cage’s "Third Construction" (1941), one of his most performed percussion works, considered revolutionary when it was first premiered. Read More //     


Chansons d'Eve, or "Song of Eve" (2014), is a musical tribute to the music of Gabriel Fauré and poems by Charles van Lerberghe of the same name. The  pianist in this performance is Alison d’Amato, the singer Martha Guth, and the dancers are Daphne Paquette, Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien and Marissa Gold.   Read More //