Research Papers/Publications //

Research Papers:

  • Decolonizing the Self: Re-Choreographing Cortical and Cartographic Maps. Keynote Speech at the 3rd Biennial EBCCI International Dance Conference “Decolonizing Bodies: Engaging Performance” at the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill Barbados, May 23-26, 2018

  • International Symposium on Practice-as-Research (ISPaR) Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Theme: Controversies, Challenges, Conceptualisations: East-West Perspectives. "Performing Ideas…expertly: New Voyages of Discovery". 4-6 December, 2017

  • In the middle...somewhat dislocated. International Conference on Cultural Studies and Education, University of British Columbia, May 4-6, 2017.//

  • Contemporary Nomads. "Migration/Representation/Stereotypes", University of Ottawa, 28-30 April, 2017

  • 4 Papers delivered under the auspices of the Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship, Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) Bristol University, UK. 1) "You are not here to choreograph; you are here to write 80,000 words…This is all wonderful but what about your choreography?" Nov. 30, 2016 – London South Bank University, London; 2) "Contemporary Nomads". Nov. 23, 2016 - Brunel University, Uxbridge. 3) "Contemporary Nomads: Re-Choreographing Cortical and Cartographical Maps". Nov. 16, 2016 - Bristol University, Bristol; 4) "A Contemporary Nomad: The Trajectory of a Research Practice". Nov. 11, 2016 - Coventry University, Coventry, UK.//

  • "Project Barca" in ETHNOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE, & PEDAGOGY WORKSHOP: promises, problems, possibilities, and ways forward in transdisciplinary research, practice, and pedagogy, Part I: Telling our own and others' stories: Research and Practice. Society for Applied Anthropology Conference, Vancouver, March 21, 2016.//

  • "Performing ideas… expertly" The Other “D”: locating ‘D’ance in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies in Canada. Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto January 22-23, 2016.//

  • "Going West to find East: Canada in the Americas". Canadian Studies Network. Annual Conference 2015. CFP: Canada in the Americas CSN-REC/MISC Conference. McGill University, October 2-3, 2015.//

  • "Performing the now: Mingus' Pithecanthropus Erectus" International Symposium: Jazz Cosmopolitanism from East to West, Ningbo University College of Arts, Ningbo, China. 9-12 January 2015.//

  • "Performing Disembodiment: Choreographing Cortical, Cartographical, and Cosmological Maps" (Paper).  EMBODIED ARTFUL PRACTICES: A symposium exploring the body in bold and unexpected ways (Conference). The Canadian Society for Dance Studies. Vancouver, BC. July 2-July 4, 2014.

  • "Ambos Lados: a video paper" Evolve + Involve: Dance as a Moving Question… World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference and Festival. Vancouver, BC. July 29-August 4, 2013.

  • “Ambos lados: deconstructing identity, performing memory”. FIRT/IFTR Re-Routing Performance/Re-Caminant L’Escena. Co-presented with Ms. Rakel Marín Ezpeleta. Institut del Teatre, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain. July 22-26, 2013. 2013.//

  • “Project Barca". Talking and Walking: PBR/PaR Design, Methodology, Articulation. @ the edge / a la fine pointe. Canadian Association for Theatre Research Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada. June 1-4, 2013.//

  • “Project Barca: Performing Place, Performing Identity”. Performing Place: Theatre in the Pacific Northwest. Keynote Speaker, Theatre at UBC Graduate Symposium. Vancouver, BC, Canada. April 27-28, 2013.// (slides)

  • “Project Barca: A Case Study on the Impact of Performance as Research, Parts I & II" (Paper). CARPA 3: The Impact of Performance as Research (CARPA site). Co-presented with Ms. Rakel Marín Ezpeleta. Institut del Teatre, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Helsinki, Finland. March 4-6, 2013.//



  • Going West to find East/Going East to find West: Re-Choreographing Cortical and Cartographic Maps. Monograph under contract with Intellect Books, Bristol, UK for 2019

  • "Performing the now: Mingus' Pithecanthropus Erectus" in Jazz Cosmopolitanism from East to West. Yui Hui & Tony Whyton (Editors) Zhejiang University Press, 2017, pp. 42-57

  • "The Futurist Condition" in Futurismus. Kunst, Technik, Geschwindigkeit und Innovation zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts. , Irene Chytraeus-Auerbach, Georg Maag, (Hrsg.): LIT Verlag Dr. W. HopfBerlin 2016, pp. 175-181.//

  • Performing ideas... expertly”- in Performance Matters Vol 2, No 2, 2016. pp. 123-131

  • “Ambos lados: deconstructing identity, performing memory”. Ezpeleta, R. Daniel. H. Estudis escènics | Quaderns de l’Institut del Teatre Direcció d’aquest número: Lluís Masgrau i Peya. Coordinació: Mercè Saumell, directora de Serveis Culturals. Editor: Josep Arenas Ponsa. Traducció i correcció: Addenda, 2015. pp. 78-86.//

  • “Project Barca: A Case Study on the Impact of Performance as Research, Parts I & II”. Daniel, H., Ezpeleta, R., in The Impact of Performance as Research. Proceedings of CARPA 3 - Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts. Helsinki, Finland. March 4-6, 2013. Editor, Annette Arlander. ISSN 2341-9679. ISBN 978-952-6670-36-2. Nivel02 The Publication Series of the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Nivel, 2014//

  • "Organization, Control and Emergence in Choreographed Performance Systems: The Art as Research Project Touched" Performative Body Spaces: Corporeal Topographies in Literature, Theatre, Dance and the Visual Arts. Markus Hallensleben (Editor) Rodopi, Amsterdam, 2010, pp. 217-232 (16).

  • "Writing Dance in the Age of Technology: Towards Transdisciplinary Discourse" (The Touched Project 2007-2010) Evaluating Dance: Discursive Parameters Forum Mod Lang Stud (2010) 46(4): pp. 460-473 doi:10.1093/fmls/cqq024MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES Journals Oxford University Press, Issue 2010.

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  • "Re-Cognizing Corporeality" in Performing Processes pp. 61-68. Edited by Roberta Mock, Intellect Ltd., 2000. 1841500100. //

  • "Performing in Technologically Aware Environments" (1999, 0807 - 6316 Bergen, Norway 3t - Journal for Theatre Dance and Theory Issue No. 6, pp. 27-32, 1999. (Norwegian).//