As an artist/scholar/educator, Henry works in the fields of dance, new media technologies and performance studies. His work is inherently interdisciplinary and his courses introduce students to theoretical, historical and critical approaches to dance as an art form, to movement and improvisation techniques that support creation and performance, and to performance studies as “a method of enquiry that posits an underlying dimension of ‘performance’ to all human behavior” (Komitee, 2011).  However, the scope of Henry's teaching of performance extends beyond the human to include biological, electronic, and environmental systems. In short, he studies performance as actions performed by complex systems. This sets the tone for a teaching philosophy that lays great emphasis on how we as humans perceive the world and how our perceptions are informed by the varied modes of contact between ourselves and a more comprehensive notion of ‘environment’.


+CA 123 Contemporary Dance Technique

FALL 2017

+CA 326 Repertory

+CA 3/420 Contemporary Dance Technique


+FPA 227 Dance History from the 20th Century to the Present

+FPA 221 Contemporary Dance Technique


+FPA 329 Critical Dance: Other Bodies, Techniques, & Philosophies


+FPA 227 Dance History from the 20th Century to the Present

FALL 2015

+FPA 317/FPA 826 Introduction to and New Approaches in Performance Studies

+FPA 220 Contemporary Dance Technique


+FPA 489 From the Page to the Stage