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Editing Encounters, Stage 1

7.30 pm. I am sitting in the editing suite with Rheanna, waiting for things to finish rendering- and what better thing to do that make my very first blog entry (ever)?
It's interesting looking over all the footage again and again, each time with new ideas which link all the pieces together. Things are taking shape...some just as planned, other juxtapositions and configurations arise by 'accident' or 'luck'. The outcome will be a variant or a 'projection' of that which what I had imagined and hoped for- something which, I've come to realize,  I really enjoy about filmmaking as it keeps me on my toes and shows how creation is a process rather than a product.
And this process is new to me. Sepehr S.(camera/lighting) pointed out, though, that the dancers' choreography (under Henry Daniel) can be compared to a script which then needs to be framed for the screen. This way of looking at it gave me more clarity on what my role entailed, and how to work in such a manner that the ownership of the choreography is respected throughout its adaptation for the projections.
So far, Nancy, Rheanna and I have been working separately: Nancy is creating a surround sound-scape composed of all the recordings she has done throughout the shoot in combination with her own sound (music) compositions. As she was present on set most of the time, she has a clear understanding of what images and structures we have been mapping out along the way. After hearing some of her compositions she brought along to the set as well as her sound installation (part of 'Moulting'...which by the way, blew me away) I can only say that I am waiting like a kid on Xmas eve to see/ hear how things will combine.
Rheanna is currently editing the timeline for the projection of the 'shadows' (Janelle, Milton and Luciana) which will work as a complementary film to the one I am putting together. The first 2 days we were editing in separate suites and meeting up for coffee breaks to talk things over. However, yesterday evening we decided that even though the films work as individual entities on opposing walls, it would only be logic to work on our edits in the same room if we want the installation to make sense as a whole. Also, I haven't been editing this much in last 6 years so have really enjoyed Rheanna's technical skills and input.

It's time for dinner and to give my overworked goggles a rest.

Lara Amelie